Monday, July 27, 2015

Review--The Mask by Taylor Stevens

The Mask: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #5)The Mask: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel by Taylor Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I decided to read and review this book, I was not aware that it was part of a series.  Number five in the series to be exact.  I'm a big fan of thrillers especially when there is a character like Vanessa Michael Munroe.  I can't wait to go back and read the rest of the series.

Vanessa Michael Munroe is very good at what she does.  Just off a recent job, she decides to spend some time with a very special person in her life, Miles Bradford. They were in the same line of work, but their personal relationship was something different.  On assignment in Japan, Bradford's on the hunt for a thief at ALTEQ. Munroe asks several times to join Miles at work and help with the assignment.  More times than not, he refuses.  When Miles is framed for murdering a Chinese woman at the company, Vanessa, the girlfriend takes a backseat and Michael the mercenary takes over.  Not just to finish the job Bradford started, but also find the real killer.  Not sure who she can trust, Munroe, disguised as a man takes on this arduous task.  Will she be able to find the killer before she herself is killed?

I'm really upset that I haven't read this series chronologically.  I feel like there are parts of Vanessa Michael Munroe that I am missing.  I want to know more about her relationship with Bradford.  Munroe is the kind of woman we all wish we could be.  Able to evoke fear with just a glance, can read people like a book.  She is strong, intuitive, resourceful, and smart.  I'm not sure if it was love or devotion to the job/craft that made her go to the length she did to save Miles.

This book takes you on a journey where you are unsure of what is going to happen next.  In a foreign country where you're not sure who is in charge and who you can trust, it's difficult to get help.  The way Munroe handles herself shows the skill in her profession.

**I received a galley copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest review.**

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