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Colorful Reading--Books to Fill the Rainbow

Books themselves come in many different colors. 

I love seeing people who arrange their bookshelves by color.  It's amazing to me, first that they have such an array of books in varying colors and second that they have the patience to set them up like that.

For me, my rainbow of books is not too vast.  But I have read a lot of colorful books throughout the years.   Titles with colors in them.  Do we even think about that when we pick up a book to read?

Spring can't get here fast enough, especially with these bitterly cold days we have been experiencing here this winter.  So to help get us in the mood, I thought I would dive in to the colorful books I have read over the years.  I hope you will share your colorful books with me as well.


The first book that comes to me when I think of the color red is, The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy.  I have never read this book or fully watched the movie, but I did have the honor of meeting Tom Clancy when I was in middle school.  He's from the area I grew up in and we were meeting notable people in our community.

NYPD Red, a series by James Patterson is one I have kept on top of.  The series follows police detectives in New York City whose job is to protect the rich and famous.  Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald head up this elite squad.  The latest book in this series Red Alert: An NYPD Red Mystery is scheduled to be released in March of this year.


I'm sure everyone is thinking about the same book right now or the Netflix series Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman .  I read this book back in 2014 before I started my blog and really doing reviews like I am now.  I have wanted to watch the series as well, but haven't had the opportunity.

Another book that I have on my Kindle and looks very promising, although I haven't read it yet is, Song of the Orange Moons by Lori Ann Stephens.  About three women, two young ladies and their widow neighbor, trying to all find their place in the world.


 At first, I didn't think I had read any books that would fit in this part of the rainbow.  I kept seeing The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers pop up for Yellow, but I didn't think I had read it.  Thank you Goodreads for showing me that I had read this book, but gave it a pitiful review.  But then again, that was back before my reviewing days.  The Yellow Birds tells the harrowing story to 2 soldiers in the American Military trying to stay alive in the Iraq War.  Kevin Powers is a war veteran himself.

Another book I have on my Kindle, but haven't read yet is Forget the Yellow Brick Road by Liz Green.  This book takes the story of Dorothy and trying to find her way home from OZ to another level by trying to get this Dorothy up the corporate ladder.


When I first thought of the color Green and books to go in this category, I thought of authors Jane Green(love her books), and John Green(the YA Master).  But I haven't read too many books with Green for a title.  Let's take it back to childhood for a minute:

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  Who hasn't read this book at some point in time.  Either for themselves or to their children?  I know I've read it at least 1,000 times from babysitting in my youth to reading it to my own kids.  My son likes for me to make him green eggs and ham(although nothing is green) for breakfast.

While I'm not a Stephen King fan, and I have never read The Green Mile, I really enjoyed the movie.  First of all I didn't know this was a book when I saw the movie, let alone a series of six books compiled into one.  


Blue seems to be a popular color for book titles.  I have read four books with blue in the title and have four times as many on my Kindle waiting to be read.  So here is one that you may have read and one that you definitely should read. 

Something Blue by Emily Giffin is a great chick lit book.  Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors and I have read nearly everything she has written.  She has a new book coming out this summer, All We Ever Wanted and I can't wait to read it.

Some of you may know I went on a reading binge toward the end of last year with the DI Helen Grace Series by M.J. Arlidge(click to read my reviews of that series).  Little Boy Blue is the fifth book in the series.  These are great books about a female detective in England.

Other great Blue titles:
The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross

Blue Monday by Nicci French 


Now this color was very difficult to find titles for.  I have never read any books with Indigo in the title and the only thing that came to mind was the girl group, The Indigo Girls, whose music I don't listen to.  So I searched Goodreads and found 2 books that had the highest ratings on them to include in this section. 

Indigo by Beverly Jenkins.  This book I have actually added to my TBR.  It's a historical romance about a girl who has escaped slavery and is now working with the Underground Railroad in Michigan.

Here's a book I will probably never read.  The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead is a YA Fantasy book.  I'm not a big fan of Fantasy.  This is the third book in Ms. Mead's Bloodline Series.  


Besides this being my grandmother's name, here is another color that I haven't read any books from.  So here are two books on my TBR for the color Violet

Violets Are Blue by James Patterson.  As you all know James Patterson is one of my favorite authors.  I love how his books are broken down in to small chapters that seem to make the book zoom by.  This book is the 7th book in the Alex Cross series.  A series where I have read a few of the books, but would like to start the entire series from the beginning.

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio.  I was just introduced to Sarah Jio last year through her book Always.  I believe this book was Ms. Jio's debut novel.  

So these are all of the colorful books I have read or plan to read(except for a couple).  What colorful books do you have on your TBR or have you already read?  I would love to hear from you. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Review: Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave

Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sunshine McKenzie is a the top of her game. Her YouTube show, "A Little Sunshine" has milions of subscribers, The Food Network wants her to host a new show, and she's about to put out a series of cookbooks. But when her Twitter account is hacked an her entire world comes crashing down, she must evaluate what is truly important in her personal and professional life.

I read Eight Hundred Grapes a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed Laura Dave's writing. I've heard mixed reviews on this book, for me it was alright.

Sunshine Stephens grew up in Montauk, NY Even though the town was full of people with wealthy backgrounds, Sunshine was not a part of those people. She didn't come from a wealthy family, but she escaped the first chance she got. When she met Ryan, he promised her fame and fortune. All she had to do was tell a little lie about who she was and her abilities as a chef. But after a few years like this it's hard to separate fact from fiction. So some jerk has decided to knock Sunshine off of her pedestal and bring her back to reality. All of this was to remind her who she was and where she came from and the life she was currently living was not hers at all.

Overall, this book was pretty good. I liked Sunshine as a character. It sucks that her life had to come down to this life and career destroying conclusion. Will she be able to bounce back and continue to live her life?

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The Best of 2017


After only reading 40 books in 2016, I was determined to read more in 2017.   At the beginning of the year, I set my Goodreads goal for 100 books.  Quickly I realized that was not a realistic goal especially after reading less than half of that the year before, so I changed my mind and reset it to 75.  I'm happy to say I met and surpassed my goal, finishing the year with 78 books read.  For me 2017 was a great year for reading.  Here is a breakdown of my reads:
★★★★★ - 4 Books
★★★★ - 35 Books
★★★ - 37 Books
★★ - 1 Book

For 2018, I've pledged to read 85 books.  I'm working my way up to 100.  So let's take a closer look at my favorites for the year!


Nora Shaw has been invited to her "friend" Clare Cavendish's hen weekend(a bachelorette party). But Nora and Clare haven't spoken to each other in ten years and if their mutual friend Nina wasn't attending, then Nora sure as hell wasn't going to go. Nora doesn't even know who Clare is marrying. Arriving a a house made completely of glass in the middle of the woods, with snow on the ground and no cell reception, Nora instantly regrets her decision to come. When disaster strikes, despite Flo(the maid of honor) trying to make this the best hen weekend ever, Nora tries hard to remember exactly what happened, but it's difficult. Will she be able to put the pieces together before she is charged with a serious crime?

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens
Lindsey and Sophie are mother and daughter. They live together in Dogswood Bay. Sophie is in here senior year in high school and Lindsey owns her own cleaning company. When Lindsey finds out that her ex-husband, Andrew is about to be released from prison after 10 years, she goes on the alert. He was very abusive and manipulative towards Lindsey, but Sophie wants her dad to be a part of her life. When things start to happen that can only be explained by Andrews controlling behavior, the pair try to hide from him in any way they can. Will they be able to stay away from him, or will he try to hurt Lindsey again?

A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena
Karen and Tom Krupp have been married for two years and they are very much in love. When Tom comes home from work one night, he finds his front door unlocked and dinner half way done in the kitchen, but his wife and her car are no where to be found. After calling her best friend and neighbor Brigid and having no luck with where Karen, might be, Tom calls the police to report her missing. Shortly after, the police arrive at his door to let him know that Karen has been in a terrible accident and is in the hospital. Tom is instantly worried because none of these actions sound like his wife. But does Tom now Karen as well as he thinks? Is she keeping secrets from him?

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy
Liv and Nora are cousins and practically sisters. They decide to take their families on a two week cruise down the coast of Central America. Both women cautious, they spend the first several days aboard the ship. When they finally decide to take an excursion, the men head for golf and the women take the kids on a zip line tour. This is when all hell breaks loose! From the bus breaking down, to six children going missing in a foreign country, this family vacation is definitely not going to plan. Told from the perspective of the children and the parents, as well other key characters that are introduced throughout, you dive deep into the story and it's hard to get drawn out!

My Four-Star Faves


I have enjoyed reading James Patterson books for a long time now.  I know a lot of people think his books are just cookie cutter these days.  He writes an outline and then another author does the hard work.  But I still enjoy his books and I will continue to read them.  I'm up to date on two of his series, The Women's Murder Club and NYPD Red.  It's so hard to keep up with his writing since he puts so many books a year.  With at least 17 books coming out this year alone, keeping up has proved to be challenging.  7% off the books I read this year were James Patterson books.  I hope to continue in my quest this year to read his standalone books and stay on top of the series I'm already reading.  I would also like to start the Alex Cross series again.  I've read a few of the books in the series but this was many years ago.  
Here are the 11 James Patterson books I read this year:

The Best James Patterson book of 2017:
The Black Book by James Patterson

Detective Billy Harney comes from a family of cops. His dad is a cop, the head of detectives and his twin sister is a cop. Billy likes to play by the rules, he's a good cop. When he takes down a brothel in the middle of Chicago filled with the city's most prominent people, the mayor, the arch bishop, etc., he is faced with a few difficult situations to get him through this arrest and trial. With the help from Goldie, a family friend and the head of Internal Affairs, Billy will get to the bottom of this case one way or another. But then those involved in the case end up dead, including himself, briefly, and his memory leading up to the trial is erased. Will he be able to find his memory before he is charged with the deaths? 


In late October, I was determined to get caught up with the Helen Grace series.  I had a copy of Hide and Seek, which is the 6th book in the series, from First To Read.  When I was ready to read it, I found out I needed to catch up with the series, because the first paragraph had me confused.  Then I realized that I only had 16 days to read 5 books.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to Hide and Seek, but I did catch up with the remainder of the series.  Helen Grace Series


I'm thankful for all the new followers I've received throughout the year and each person who takes a few minutes out of their life to read my posts.  The most visited post this year was from Hit The Ground Running by Mark Burley


Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp -- January 2018
Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughn -- January 2018
Missing Isaac by Valerie Fraser Luesse -- January 2018
An American Marriage by Tayari Jones -- February 2018
Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeny -- March 2018
How To Walk Away by Katherine Center -- May 2018
Dreams of Falling by Karen White -- June 2018

Thank you to everyone for joining me on my blogging journey.  I hope to bring you more content this year and more reviews.  I plan to review more of the audiobooks I listen to, which I haven't done in the past.  What are your reading plans for 2018?  I would love to hear about them in the comments.