Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review-Unbound--Colors of Love by Kathryn Taylor

Unbound - Colours of LoveUnbound - Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Grace Lawson is about to start the greatest internship.  She gets to spend three months in London, interning at Huntington Ventures.  Jonathan Huntington, the company's CEO is a gorgeous guy who is almost always wearing black.  Catching the red-eye to London from Chicago, and having to rush off the plane to make it to her new job on time, Grace runs(literally)into Jonathan Huntington at the airport.  Making the mistake of thinking he was there to pick her up, she gets a ride with him in his limo(along with some colleagues he was actually waiting for) to the office.  Feeling embarrassed the whole time.

Once at Huntington Ventures, Jonathan extends her internship from working in the investment department to working side by side with him.  Grace or no one else in the company was expecting this turn of events.  Jonathan has never had an intern working with him before.  Will Grace be able to work this closely with Jonathan without falling in love with him? Everyone has warned her about this man, including Jonathan himself.  This is going to be an interesting and exciting three months.

Unbound is the first in the Colors of Love series by Kathryn Taylor.  I'm not sure how many books total are in the series.  Book two Uncovered, is set to be released in the United States on August 17, 2015.

This book starts off a lot like 50 Shades of Grey.  The virgin meets this wealthy, handsome man and is enticed by his power and the fact that he is unattainable.  Jonathan's sexual desires aren't sadistic the way Christian Grey's are, I would say he's just a bit kinky.  Then there's a little "Eyes Wide Shut"(Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman sex club movie) thrown in.  I enjoyed this book.  The erotic scenes are believable.  I think a few words may have been lost in translation, though, as I believe this book was first written in German.  For instance, the word clit is never used, but "sensitive place" is used quite a bit and, in my opinion, in those instances, clit would have been an appropriate word to use.

I'm not a big fan of Jonathan Harrington, he seems to be abrasive to everyone.  Grace seems a little naive for a woman embarking on her own to London for three months. Maybe these two are meant to be or maybe we have another erotic romance series on our hands that we will grow to love to hate like 50 Shades and the Crossfire series.  Either way, come on August for Colors of Love #2 - Uncovered.

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