Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review--The Sound of Glass by Karen White

The Sound of GlassThe Sound of Glass by Karen   White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Merritt Heyward has just inherited the home of her deceased husband's grandmother.  A grandmother she never knew existed.  Now she is packing her whole life and moving from her home in Maine to Beaufort, South Carolina.  What secrets will she uncover about her husband and about herself?
Edith Heyward's whole world is turned upside down in July 1955 when on the same night, a plane explodes over small town Beaufort and her husband is killed in a car crash from watching the explosion.  How will these events change her life.
These women have a very strong connection to one another.  One that involves more than just Cal Heyward(Merritt's Husband).  They both share a secret that they don't want the world to know.

I so enjoyed this book.  This is the second book by Karen White I have read.  The first being The Beach Trees.  In this book, you were on the edge of your seat to see the way secrets were going to unfold.  When I first started reading this book, I thought what a bitch Merritt was.  But as the story unfolds you get to see what a sheltered person she is who has had to hide her emotions for so long, she's not sure how to act.
At the same time Merritt is moving to South Carolina, her step-mother and half brother are moving there as well from Georgia.  Merritt has never met her brother,Owen and does not have a relationship with her step-mother, Loralee.  But when they show up at her front door in a town where she is new to as well, walls start to come down and friendship and love is born.
Trying to find her way in a new town, find out who her husband was and why he kept so many secrets, and get to know family members she had no desire to know in the first place; Merritt is destined to learn more about the South, conquer her fears and become the woman she has always wanted to be.

This is an amazing novel with strong characters.  You will find yourself, looking for a journal to write down all of the inspirational quotes and sayings.  I highly recommend this book to all of my female friends.

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**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.**