Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: If I Was Your Girl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amanda Hardy is the new girl in school. The strange thing is she is really newly a girl as well. Having just left her old life behind and moving in with her father to finish her senior year, Amanda is hoping the school year will go off without any incidents. At her new school, she quickly makes friends and even meets a boy she is really interested in. Will she be able to go through keeping her secret or will her truth be revealed and she will have to relive all the horrible things she had just left behind.

When I first heard about this book, I was very intrigued by the description. When I finally got the book in my hand and read further about the author, I was a little shocked. LGBT books are not usually a genre I choose to read. I enjoyed the book and it helped to increase my awareness about these issues. I commend the author for tackling such a personal issue.

This book was hard to put down.  I felt bad for Amanda and I wanted to see her get all that she wanted in life.  I have no idea how it feels to born in the wrong body. I know when that time of the month comes around I wish I wasn't a girl, but that is a whole different story.  I empathize with those in this world that are just trying to be themselves, but find it so difficult.  Struggling with self image is something a lot of people go through, but it must be so much more difficult when the image you see is not the image you feel gender-wise.  Again thank  you to the author for telling a story that will resonate with me for a long while.

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