Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review--Results May Vary by Bethany Chase

Results May Vary by Bethany Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being cheated on is a terrible betrayal But does the betrayal become any worse when your significant other cheats on you with someone who is of the opposite sex as you? Caroline Hammond is experiencing this right now. Out with her husband like any other date night, she makes the brutal discovery that will change her life forever.

Thank you to Net Galley and Penguin Random House for the ability to read and review this book. From the very beginning I was captivated by the subject matter an it was so hard for me to put the book down. This book made me feel like I was a fly on the wall in Caroline's life. I don't think that I would EVER be in the situation that Caroline has found herself in, but if I ever was, I have no idea how I would deal with the situation.

For most of her life, Caroline had been with her husband, Adam. They started dating in high school and have been married for the past ten years. Those on the outside looking in can see how much Adam adores Caroline. Even agreeing to buy a house in Massachusetts when he never wanted to do that. So for him to destroy their relationship the way he did was a shock to everyone. Caroline thought for a while that she may be able to stay with her husband and forgive him, but when more secrets come to the surface, that just doesn't seem like it will b possible. Will time apart be enough to fix the betrayal? Will they have to go through counseling to repair the damage? Or is this a lost cause?

This book is great women's fiction that I will recommend to all of my friends.

Bethany Chase Writing Process

"True story: I find it easier to write on the subway—which I often do to milk some productivity out of my long commute—than at home. Partly it's the pressure to see how much I can get done (500 words is a really great subway day!), but more likely, it's my inability to download cat videos."

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