Thursday, March 5, 2015

I've Reached 1000+ Views!!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have taken a few minutes to check out my blog.  Whether you have liked it or hated it, at least you took the time.  My intentions when I started was to post a lot more than I have thus far, but there is this little thing called life that gets in the way sometimes.

I know that my reviews may not be the most interesting, but I try to tell everyone exactly how I feel.  I'm thankful to all of the authors who have given me their books in exchange for my review and who have allowed me to share their books with my audience.  Those authors include, but aren't limited to: Vince Milam, Jenni Boyd, Russell Brooks, Ty Patterson, Story Cartel, and Blogging for Books.  You all have helped to expand my bookshelf and my mind.  For those of you, who I did not include, please know, it's not for lack of appreciation, these are just the most recent authors I have read.  I also want to think my other book bloggers as many of you have provided me with the inspiration to keep this going even though you may not know it.

Reading and writing are my favorite things to do, and it has always been my dream to be a book reviewer.  Whether or not, I'm good at it, I really enjoy it and that makes it much more enjoyable for me.  I hope to be able to post more non-review posts this year and hopefully gain a bigger audience.   I've tried the blog thing before, but this is the first time I've actually done what I wanted to do with it.

The blog has been active for less than a year, and so far I'm very happy with how it's come along and how I've been able to keep up.  My most view post was my review of Ruby by Cynthia Bond  I read it last summer, and now it has been selected as Oprah's 2.0 Book Club selection.
Again, I thank you all for listening/reading!!  I hope you will share this blog with others and that I will continue to grow.