Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review--Far From the Tree by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant

Far From the TreeFar From the Tree by Virginia DeBerry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoy the way, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant capture the true essence of African American female relationships in their books.  Far from the Tree was no exception.

Ronnie and Celeste are sisters that have never really gotten along.  Odella, their mother is also not the easiest to get along with.  When the three are brought together in the same house after many years of being apart, their relationships start to take on a whole new meaning.  Following the death of Will, the husband and father who had always been around to love and support them, the women are forced to examine their lives and make some hard decisions in order to move forward and grow.

Celeste, married to Everett, who is a doctor, has never been satisfied with their simple lifestyle.  She has always wanted more for them even though she has never had to want for anything.

Ronnie, who has been a struggling actress in New York and fools herself and her family into thinking that she has it all together and is doing great.  She actually has had more addresses than acting roles.

Odella, who had run from her past for so long that when it comes rushing back at her, she is overwhelmed by it all.

Together these women learn to love themselves and one another again. And they learn that keeping secrets is never a good idea.

There are talks that this book may be made into a major motion picture.  I would be the first in line for a ticket.  I would love to see who they get to portray the characters.

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