Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review -- The Warrior by Ty Patterson

The WarriorThe Warrior by Ty Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Major Zebadiah(Zeb) Carter is an extraordinary person.  A member of the Special Forces, he is one guy you want to keep on your good side.  Not one for many social interactions, he always completes his missions to the best of his abilities(which are amazing).

When Zeb is sent to the Congo to complete a mission, he sees some things he shouldn't have seen.  When he reports these things back to his superiors, they tell him to leave it alone, but he can't.  He can't stand by and watch innocent women and children be raped and killed for sport.  So he decides that he will find the people who are responsible for this and punish them himself.

On his down time, he likes to check in on his sister.  On one such occasion, he meets Rory, her 7 year old next door neighbor, who is all but thrilled to have Zeb around.  With two busy parents and not too many friends, Zeb is great for Rory.  These two have an instant bond that no one would have expected.

When Zeb's mission and a story being written by Rory's dad, Connor, crossing paths, Rory gets to see Zeb in action.

For the most part this was a really great book.  I gave it three stars because there were parts that were confusing and I had to go back and read.  I felt as though the book could have gotten a little deeper into the character of Zeb.  We really don't know more about him than everyone else around him and I would have liked to know more.  There is a part at the end of the book, that helps you understand his stoicism a bit more, but knowing that at the beginning of the book may have made me enjoy this better.  It's a good book and I plan on reading the rest of the series.  The Reluctant Warrior is the next book in the series.  And The Warrior Code is coming out later this month.  You should get them all!!

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