Monday, October 20, 2014

Review - Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

Labor DayLabor Day by Joyce Maynard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's Labor Day weekend and Henry needs new clothes for school.  His mother, Adele, rarely leaves the house anymore, since the divorce from Henry's father. They go to the local store and pick out a few things.  There they meet Frank, a recently escaped convict.  Frank has them take him to their home and stays with them through the long weekend until he can move on.

Henry and Adele aren't really sure what to do, but they do their best not to be too afraid so they can make it through.  When Frank turns out to be more than they bargained for, they are in for a lot of surprises.  This is a story about love.  Love lost, love shared and new love.  What happens when love is lost or gone forever.

Joyce Maynard has put together quite a great book.  Filled with different kinds of love without being a romance novel.  This book teaches you that you can never judge a book by its cover and that the world is full of surprises.

Henry is your typical teenage boy going through all of the strange changes that happens to a boy at 13.  His mother has been so shut off from the world since losing her father and a baby, that Henry often has to play the role of husband as well as son.  When Frank enters their lives, it's an interesting change for them both.  Adele seems to have come out of her depression and Henry has a relationship with a man, that he has been unable to get with his own father.

Together these three bake, dance, and try not to get caught during the long holiday weekend. This is a must read for anyone who is in love with love.

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