Monday, July 21, 2014

Reading at the Beach!!

It has always been my dream to sit back in a lounge chair on the beach and enjoy a good book.  And this summer this dream came true, sort of.

 While my kids are old enough for me not to keep an eye on them every second, I do have to keep one on them every other second.  I will say that over the course of 5 days I was able to read 100 pages in this book.  But having to watch kids do tricks or be brave enough to walk into the ocean, took my attention away a lot more.

So now that I am home from vacation and my dreams are thwarted for yet another year, what have I learned?  One day I will be able to peacefully lounge in that beach chair and read uninterrupted for at least one whole hour.  Today the joy of seeing my kids play in the ocean and be brave enough to do it without holding my hand is much better than any book I will read in any lounge chair on any beach!!

Happy reading my friends!!